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  1. Hey cowardly palsy man, where are you hiding in kitty’s rancid lair of man to priest pleasure?

    Of course, in the naughty bedroom of sordid sins, love between the fella, means dongs must swing to the left to the right!

    • When the tough get going, the weak fall like cowards….

      Hey, the little monkey screams in the middle of the table as its body rotates round and round. Ahhhhhh….the eyes budge out of the spinning skull. Snap, crackle and pop. Hey Hannibal, when you dream, does kitty make you scream louder?

      Fresh brain, roasted like corn.

  2. Randy boi loving michael mcjackson has been officially been removed from the record books, worldwide. Tears and screams continue to be seen and heard around the global spectrum. That is just too bad, clowns!

    When the tears fall from angry, tired eyes, laughter follows Hannibal to the swinging dundees of kitty and the horny priest. The celebration of Prince’s posthumous rise certainly eats away the souls of michael mcjackson supporters. The dirty dancer’s sales have been dismal in recent years. Ahhhhhhhh…..hey Hannibal, the silence is deadly. I love how cowardly Benjamin deals with the facts of his idol’s crippling downfall.

  3. The randy priest has a nasty fungus, growing underneath his flaky ball sack. Screaming beyond the filthy walls, Hannibal removes his undies for the man with ring around the collar. With mouth and tongue, the priest search the old and the young.

    How many eyes are lurking in the darkness of night?

  4. How come “Respect” – Aretha Franklin, all of a sudden, got 100 votes in a sec today??? –
    Fake manipulated numbers and votes done by ADMIN!
    This happens every time another artist gets close to certain preferred artists in these polls.
    Besides daily “multivoting” from regular participants!
    Cheating like this have been going on ever since 2016
    I’m sad to say that these polls are all worthless and more or less fake and manipulated!
    Really a WASTE OF TIME!

    • Every time Elvis Gets Close, Amazingly Aretha Franklin Gets Lots Of Fake Votes……… Elvis Is The Greatest Everything Ever And We His Loving Fans Don’t Need This Phoney Poll To Prove Anything………..

      • Strange how over the years Elvis , Micheal Jackson and Joan Jett had the same block voting with hundreds of votes in very short periods of time , now another singer gets them and amazingly it’s fake votes !!!!!!!!!

  5. Clif Richard ya te cogí el truco, para delante y para atrás, ahora es quien tenga más tiempo libre

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