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  1. Pelvis beat prizzilla with the belt buckle from his cow sized jumpsuit. Bow to the real KING, fossil face!

  2. Elvis Presley song Suspicious Mind was last month 58% Sir Cliff Richard was 9%song in the country this month Elvis Song is 57%means 1% less vote but Sir Cliff Richard increase from 9% to 10% so Cliff Richard should be winner. Song in the country..

    • Click was driving “In the country” looking for farmer boys to roll in the hay with his slimy old body.

  3. ELVIS Christmas songs are the best of all the Christmas songs togheter !!!!
    ELVIS the KING of Christmas songs !!!

        • Drop dead, you old fossil. KINGLY Michael Jackson has the crown from Piggy pelvis !!!!

          You old devils owe KING Michael the greatest respect. STFU, freak. Bow your aging white head. The world loves Sweet Michael. Get over your jealousy, fool. Everyone in the world knows that your fat idol beat priszilla to bloody pulps. Reed her book, you lying pelvis dog.

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