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  1. I voted for Queen,; Band, Song, Album
    could not vote for The King of music
    Elvis Presley winner 2015 and 2016

  2. Why can’t I vote for Elvis as King of music?? I can vote for him in all other categories.

  3. He said Elvis is my father in law and he is the KING of Music , i am an copy nr 100 ! Hi hi Hi
    An I MJ was nothing without The KING ELVIS !

  4. Don T Worry MJ fans ? If MJ was alive today than he was arrested again for his crimes … but than he can danced the Jailhouse Rock dance if Elvis sings than on the radio ! Only Elvis can danced better ofcourse !

  5. If MJ was alive he want to say this …. Yes i am an copy king and ELVIS is my hero the true KING OF THE MUSIC !!!!!

  6. Why is it that at night time Elvis is winning and during the day MJ is winning? I think there’s something rotten going on against the real King (Elvis) here.

  7. Mr Tampon Man, Michael Jackson has dirty diarrhea running down his sticky toad legs. The stink of a carny tent freak. What’s that dreadful smell?

    It’s Michael Jackson.

    • Wacko Jacko retards are at it again ! Webmaster should take Jackson out of all the voting polls. That’ll teach them a lesson Hahahahaha

    • The Jackson retards are at it again. Webmaster you should eliminate Jackson altogether as a voting option in this year’ poll. That’ll teach ’em a lesson. LOL….

  8. those losers keep michael popular

    what an old farts

    dont ask them for proof they dont have it

    memory got lost with age lol

    • You must be blind.

      “Suspicious Minds” has over 230 votes. “Thriller” has 9.

      People from all over the world know about Michael Jackson’s explosive diarrhea and tampon habits. He also had a nasty reputation for abusing kids and torturing animals. No wonder his records aren’t selling anymore.

      Boo hoo. 🙁

  9. Bwhahahaha….Wacko stuck tampons up his rump, received soapy enemas, and stuck a baby doll up his anal cavity so he could feel like a natural woman giving birth?

    Whoa….bwhahahahahahahaha……grasp. Wacko was one sick puppy, wasn’t he?

  10. How about adding an Olivia Newton-John song such as A Little More Love to the favorite song listing

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