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  1. That criminal is thankfully still dead and in the grave. His pathetic birthday is just another day when the fat Mama Jackson spun out his burning skull. back in 1958. He was obviously the devil’s child. He violated many and even took pleasure abusing little animals that died from their horrific injuries. Wacky Jackson was a fraud and a thief. The world only celebrates that he is no longer around to inflict massive pain and heartache to his victims. Rot in HELL, Wacky Jackson. May you burn long….

  2. Today i was listen the FTD – A Date With Elvis , and the song It is so Strange is one of his best ballads !!!!!!!!
    And Young of beautifyllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So better my Englisch i wrote here , it likes i was drunk ? Or was Cimmaron more drunk than i wrote ???? LOL

  3. Love Me Tender better than Thriller !!!! LOVE ME TENDER love me dear tell me who you are ..Cimmaron ! ! ! !

  4. Suspicious minds i hear on the radio and the whole breackfast room sings togheter that song … And we cant come home togheter of suspiciouse minds lalalala WOW The KING is alive today !!!!

  5. Michael Jackson was a sick little phaggot that took his victims to his underground lair for some humiliating ordeals behind closed doors.

  6. First of all that was proven as a lie idiot elvis was not racist elvis with the royal philharmonic orchestra went 3 times platnium mjs xscape went gold wonder why lol elvis made it to his comeback mj was drugged to death before he did his lol hilarious

  7. ELVIS is over 8000 votes ahead of Jackson on the KOM poll. ELVIS has a slam dunk yet again. Wacky Jackson will never be the KING. Jackson fans are in shock and in severe denial.

  8. Wacky Jackson fanatics are cheating fast and furious. Meanwhile, The Beatles are dominating the worldwide charts. Wacky nuts are angry that the whole world knows that he was a fraud and a thief. Instant karma comes to those who do bad to others. Wacky Jackson died nude, covered in his own bile, and bodily f*, his African doctor holding his greasy organ in his trembling hand.

  9. You old fools will pay with your lives for your terrible lies and cheats. Be gone with the devil. You foolish old haterz make me sick with your vile, dirty, sneaky tricks. You shameless reptiles get on your F*CKING knees and start begging KING Michael Jackson for forgiveness. His well deserved justice has been rewarded by billions of his loyal friends, fans and supporters. Down with the fat pervy pelvis that STOLE music royalties from people of color and told them to shine his shoes!!!!

  10. Wow, this site is really spirited. I suppose Im going to be attacked here for saying this, but I think Elvis deserves to wear the crown. Not only did he sell a gazillion records, but he also changed the world. Does anyone out there remember the song he did called Promised Land? It was a pretty cool song, but I dont think it was a very big hit. Even Elvis lessor songs sound good.

    • Elvis did a lot of great songs in that period of 1973-1975. “Good Times” “Promised Land” and “Elvis Today” were strong albums that did better on the country charts in the mid seventies. Songs like “Loving Arms” “Promised Land” “I’ve Got A Thing About You, Baby” “Help Me” “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues” “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” “Thinking About You” “Honky Tonk Angel” and so many others are just timeless. I think Elvis no longer cared about getting on pop radio and was just doing the music he wanted to do. It is his most interesting work by far because it just shows another side of his many talents.

  11. You old fools with your filthy lies will not stop the reign of the KING of POP, Michael Joseph Jackson. The world loves Michael, got it?

    Michael is the true KING, now BOW, you old fossils!

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