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  1. Why hasn’t Sir Cliff Richard got a song in this list.
    He’s been King of November, December, January and most probably February.

    About time a song of Cliffs was included.

  2. “Suspicious Minds” has already won for the past 3 years. Why not choose another Elvis song this year?

    AS OF 5TH JANUARY, 2018

    Calculated by the amount of weeks on the chart for both Singles and Albums combined. One point is gained for each week an album/or single appears in the Top 75:

    1. Elvis – 2733 weeks (1304 weeks for singles) (1429 weeks for albums)
    2. Cliff Richard – 2062 weeks (1177 weeks for singles) (885 weeks for albums)
    3. Michael Jackson – 2028 weeks (689 weeks for singles) (1339 weeks for albums)
    4. Queen – 1924 weeks (440 weeks for singles) (1484 weeks for albums)
    5. Madonna – 1886 weeks (740 weeks for singles) (1146 weeks for albums)
    6. The Beatles – 1880 weeks (461 weeks for singles) (1419 weeks for albums)
    7. Elton John – 1721 weeks (668 weeks for singles) (1053 weeks for albums)
    8. David Bowie – 1677 weeks (476 weeks for singles) (1201 weeks for albums)
    9. Rod Stewart – 1621 weeks (480 weeks for singles) (1141 weeks for albums)
    10. Rihanna – 1576 (1127 weeks for singles) (449 weeks for albums)

    21 No.1’s
    76 Top 10’s
    139 Top 40’s
    164 Top 75’s
    80 weeks at No.1
    386 weeks in Top 10
    1062 weeks in Top 40
    1304 weeks in Top 75

    13 No.1’s
    52 Top 10’s
    93 Top 40’s
    119 Top 75’s
    66 weeks at No.1
    555 weeks in Top 10
    1059 weeks in Top 40
    1429 weeks in Top 75

    1. Elvis – 21
    2. Beatles – 17
    3. Cliff Richard and Westlife – (both with 14)
    4. Madonna – 13
    5. Take That – 12
    6. Abba; Spice Girls and Rihanna – (all with 9)
    7. Rolling Stones; Oasis; Eminem and Calvin Harris (all with 8)
    8. Elton John; Kylie Minogue; McFly; Michael Jackson; Robbie Williams; U2; George Michael and Tinie Tempah (all with 7)
    9. Rod Stewart; Slade; Queen; Britney Spears; The Shadows; Sugababes; Boyzone; Blondie; David Guetta; Justin Bieber and Sam Smith (all with 6)
    10. BeyoncΓ©; Black Eyed Peas; Police; David Bowie; All Saints; Bee Gees; Will.I.Am; Dizzee Rascal; Flo Rida; Cheryl Cole; Bruno Mars; JLS; NE-YO;Jess Glynne and Katy Perry (all with 5)

  4. U.K.
    B.P.I. Award

    RELEASED 17/11/2004
    Elvis Presley
    Burning Love
    Certified 22 December 2017
    Silver Singel (over 200.000 copies sold since 17/11/2004 (streams plus digital downloads plus physical sales)

  5. U.K.
    B.P.I. Award

    RELEASED 06/10/17
    Elvis Presley
    Christmas With Elvis And The and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    Certified 22 December 2017

    Gold Album over 100.000 copies

  6. MJ screams as an sick eagle in the Charts on nr 100 … Oh he is Screams in the deep ocean …. The Crow was gone by the storm ……
    Screamson [ MJ ] …Where are you Yhoooohoooo…… hahahaha
    Goodby MJ blup blup blup …..

  7. It is GEORGE MICHAEL on number 1 ! Not Michael screamson !
    Soon in November – Dec. Christmas Royal P O on nr. 1 !!!!! ELVIS fans buy it !!!!!

  8. Michael Jackson’s posthumous albums are no longer profitable for Sony. They must be hitting themselves for spending so much for that dead clown’s leftovers. The “Scream” album left the charts in a quick 4 weeks. Going, going, gone.

  9. Michael Jackson’s new posthumous “Scream” album is most definitely performing very badly on the charts. It has to be his poorest selling solo album yet. The album sunk faster than a sinking ship in the middle of the deep blue sea. It certainly is not looking good for his fading legacy. He was quickly removed from the throne as his paper crown blew off his lice infected wig. The song of the ages is “Yesterday” by The Beatles. Michael Jackson is not even half the man he used to be.

    • than why are u obsessed with him

      why talk about him all the time on those forums

      u look stupid

  10. Michael Jackson has dethroned you disgraceful idol and is forever the true KING of the charts. His new album, “Scream” is #1 in 2017!

    Hooray, hooray…..great job, Michael!

  11. ….army of lovers best singer,has best voice not like fredy merxury,miceal p*,pelvis presley,crackney houston,f* or fatriah carey!!!best selling band way more than picktless!!!!!! Army of lovers king of pop and pedophile jacko loser,follow me on instagram @army_of_lovers_….bye

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