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  1. Because Cliff Richard isn’t known well in America You believe he can’t be that well known.
    He has Fans worldwide and has sang in huge stadiums.
    The press wouldn’t have even bothered “filming his apartment” if he wasn’t such a huge star.

  2. How can Cliff Richard be better than Elvis Presley, it’s not possible, without Elvis, Cliff Richard would be nothing, in fact Cliff was supposed to be the UK’s Elvis Presley, yeah right, don’t get me wrong, I like Cliff, but for me he doesn’t come anywhere near Elvis

    • This poll is all about fans voting for their favourite singer. Its not trying to say any one person is a better singer than another.
      I too like Elvis but I prefer Cliff. So that’s who I vote for.
      If Elvis has GOT to be “King of Music” for you to be happy what’s the point of this poll.
      There’s a long list of singers to choose from and it should be a fun poll. But no some have to argue over it.
      The only way you can ensure One person is always “King” is to take off all the other singers in the list.
      Just have a King Elvis or King Michael site.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Hey clown, do you kiss your poor mama with that twisted little mouth?

        • Well I hope you don’t kiss your mama cos your word are much more twisted then mine will ever be.

          • Hmmmmm….did old baldy Clifford’s beady little eyes close during the invasion of his disgusting, slobbering french tongue, fairly young? Ahhhhhh….the twisted mouth that roars. Hey clown, do you do the yippy, yippy yang while in the loins pf making furious whoopee?

        • I bet you kiss your mamas with your filthy mouths.
          Hi wash them out first. She would be ashamed of you

  3. Operation yewtree has got the chirping birdie as it peeps it’s beak from the birdhouse hole. Quit lying, especially for the widely unknown Clicky Ricky, the man who used to be entangled in a webb of lies. He is still very much alive, so his made up name must be changed somewhat to avoid any defamation of character lawsuits. Click, click, click and the multiplying robots do the rest. Actually, the British police’s investigation on your tight cropped, gray haired hero is till going on. Every single time the old predator steps outside, the cameras click to see if Clifford is up to his old tricks. Decoys show up unexpectedly just to see if the aging pop weirdo will take just a nibble, or a bite. The cops are waiting, watching and recording Click’s every move. Ahhhhhh….his sad eyes, his granny chin, his slobbering tongue. Every step he takes, someone is watching him, just ready to tear down the door to arrest him for kiddie diddling teen boys, out from his chicken hawk birdcage, off the Latin coast of Spain. Hey clicker, do you sleep with you eyes open or closed?

    • Actually, Operation Yewtree passed the investigation on to another police force. So, yet again, you are wrong. Are you really trying to convince others that a police force that wasted one million pounds on an investigation that went nowhere are continuing their investigation. The Cliff Richard case is closed. He was NOT charged, he was NOT arrested. The police have paid him compensation, and apologised to him.

      Try all you like, you are wrong. Go and pick on someone who is actually guilty. There are other celebrities who have done wrong. Maybe you should try telling the truth about them instead of lying about those who have been proven innocent.

      • Anonymous. They just can’t stand the fact that Cliff Richard is “King of Music”. Everyone who has become ” King” gets insulted and their fans do too.
        They think we all cheat to make it possible but Elvis used to get 25000-2900 votes in the past.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          A lonely Click clown, talking to itself. Hey clicker, do you hear voices often?

        • Hey clown, since Click Richards “Rise Up” bombed badly, the old predator has a lot of time to cruise around and set up little love tents by the side of the road. Wasn’t Clifford in the old eighties video, “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Wigs. Lol….hey bozo, is Click hiding in your closet?

          • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            These clowns do not like reading the truth about Click’s dirty deeds in merry ole England?

            Hey clicker, do you do the patsy or the yippy ying?

            • The lies according to the gospel of the ignorant fantasizers on here. You poor examples of human beings need to get your facts straight before spewing all your hatefilled, lie-filled trash.

              A debate is one thing, all your fantasies are another thing. Grow up and behave like adults. You are an embarrassment to society.

  4. Well said Anonymous.
    It’s not worth trying to get through to these idiots on here .
    We tell them truth but they don’t listen. They just get nastier .
    I am leaving well alone now.
    Just keep voting for Cliff and encourage all your Cliff Facebook friends worldwide to vote. I will do the same.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Time to set the multiplying robot button for creepy boy lover, Click Richard. The police are watching him.

      • Wrong yet again. All votes are being done by perfectly normal humans.

        As for the police watching him, after wasting around one million pounds on a two year investigation of CLIFF Richard, I’m sure they have better things to do than watch an innocent person.

        Go back to your little corner and stop posting all your c**p. If you are the intelligent person you claim to be, you would know how to spell correctly, especially a persons name, and you would not be posting all your crap.

  5. I am sure that Elvis wasn’t threatened by any pop star hitting the charts as the man said several times that there was room for everyone. He saw many changes after the British Invasion and the dawn of disco, yet did his own thing for his fans. That’s what true artists do. Like Prince, he was not manufactured like Click Richard, The Monkees or The Partridge Family. As for his wrenched film, “Summer Holiday” musical, I never heard of it as an American. If Clifford was as big as you claim, he would at least be as popular as ole blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. You know, old and somewhat forgotten, but still lingering somewhere. Click would be able to walk down any American street, in any city….and the only thing people would see is an old gay guy with a woman’s wig on top of his bobbling little head. Like the bearded lady or crab man, Click could be put in a tent at a carnival and displayed. What a freakish monster he is.

    • Yes Cliff certainly is as big as I claim . You Americans certainly missed out there.
      The American branch of his record company never help him break into America. Don’t know why.
      Calling someone you don’t even know a freakish monster is obscene. How can you possibly judge someone you have never heard of.
      I don’t want to talk to people like you anymore.
      But I will be watching you perverts.
      You’ve got sick, evil minds. Probably pedeophiles yourselves.

      • Clifford is a lot like Olivia Newton John from the mid to late seventies in America, has bin material. However, the main reason Click never made it in the US, he wasn’t good enough to produce many more hits. Just looking at an old man in a wig, behaving like he is still young is just creepy as hell. Hmmmmmmm….no one is watching me. It’s Click being scoped for his sexual activities in Great Britain.

        • Oh great know you start on poorOlivia.
          You do realise she’s got cancer.
          Your evil, just Evil

  6. So you don’t believe that Cliff Richard was the first to sing in Russia. Well go on fool if you don’t believe.
    Google it… Cliff Richard in Russia 1976. Before Elton John went.
    Also Cliff has appeared at Wembley Stadium, the O2 and several other huge venues. You think he hasn’t a huge following because you don’t know him.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Several different sites claim it was Elton John.

      Actually, I don’t think Clifford has ever had a huge following because of his popularity in the United States. He would not be able to attract a crowd at a rinky dink country fair. In fact, his name does not register to anyone on this side of the pond. It may upset your little game plan, but may the truth set you free.

      • Truth is I don’t know why Cliff Richard didn’t become well known in the States. He toured there just after Buddy Holly died. And was extremely well received. He has toured several times and also had films released over tthere.
        Some people said he should have lived over There and he might have been lucky.
        Maybe they didn’t want to “Rock the boat” with Elvis, I don’t really understand it.
        You may think it hard to believe but Cliff got just as big receptions at venues and Airports as the Beatles. Also for a film premiere “Summer Holiday” Cliff wasn’t even able to get out of his car, because of crowds of fans,to attend.
        That’s how big a star Cliff is.
        He is now not doing quite as much as he previously did. He is 78 after all.

    • Elton John didn’t tour Russia until 1979.
      Cliff Richard went to Russia in 1976.
      That’s 3 whole years earlier .
      Look it up if you don’t believe me. You will see Elton toured in 1979.

      They even tried giving an award to Elton John for being the first to tour Russia. Elton just sat at his table, looked across at Cliff and crossly refused the award.

      • Elton John is one of the most successful musicians in the world and still is considered big time entertainment. I do not argue that Clifford played in Russia first. It is just that even when it was the USSR, nobody remembers Click even performed there. Again, that’s the whole point. Click was just a minor artist, manufactured as some kind of changing clone.

        Now 78, he is mainly known as an aging boy lover that has somehow eluded British police about his suspicious activities. If Clifford did not want to take the heat, why did he promote himself as a good loyal Christian, but was still involved with Jimmy Savile’s secret s** club and the sleazy parties he gave at those events?

        Oops….something doesn’t quite add up. Who is the real Clifford?

        Was he behind door number three?

  7. Cliff Richard didn’t drug anyone idiot.
    He was with security men the whole time he was at the Billy Graham Rally.
    The accuser was telling LIES.
    The lying accuser told the police he was molestered in a room were the goal posts were stored .
    The goal posts are stored in that room NOW but in 1985 when he falsely claimed he was attacked they were not.
    He most likely wasn’t even there at all in 1985.
    It was all LIES.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Were you there to see that Click did not put a few tablets in the accusers drink?

      Question, why on earth would a man lie about being molested by another dude back in 1985, when too much time went by to collect for damages?

      Why would he want to damage Click’s reputation?

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Yeah right, every man wants to accuse other men of raping them for money. And yet, you fail to give a reason why Clifford would be so disliked, grown men would “lie” to say that Click s*** abused them. My theory is like this:

          Click was always afraid of women, but did not want to admit to being a homos**ual. It was his secret that he hid behind his fake religious image. Meeting Jimmy Savile was a turning point in Click’s life in the British entertainment business because Savile promoted records. Clifford went to many parties and discovered that he could pay to have discreet s** with complete male strangers without being tied down in having more emotional relationships that could possibly derail his pop career in Great Britain and down under. Again, the British police have investigated Jimmy Savile and people connected to him. Click’s name pops up over and over….

          The big question is, why?

  8. You mean Bill Wyman, The Rolling Stones bass player marrying his ex wife Mandy, who he dated when she was just thirteen?

    Charlie Watts is the drummer, and he has been married to the same woman for like 60 years. You should really brush up on your rock n roll credentials. You do not know what you are talking about, Click supporter.

    Mick Jagger has been known to sleep with both men and women, which is not predephilia. (misspelled purposely to get past your censor)

    • Yes, Bill Wyman, who was having sex with Mandy when she was 14/15 years old. No disgust from people on cases such as this. My point is, there are many celebrities who have done wrong, and got away with it, yet, people such as the ignorant commenters on this joke of a site, who will keep harping on about the fabricated accusations made against a number of innocent celebrities.

      If there is proof, not fabrication, about CLIFF Richard, then produce it. We all know you can’t. The comments against CLIFF Richard are so weak, they are hilarious.

      There is NO proof of guilt, like it or lump it.

      • That’s because Bill Wyman did not repeat his mistake with Mandy, and went for a woman his own age. That is why people don’t care. Another rock star that did not repeat mistakes is Jimmy Page, but still likes them in their 20’s when he’s 74. Ewwwww….that’s disgusting. Click will never be able to hide. Like I said, the British police are watching his every move. When he finally slips up, it will be like a nibbling mouse head to the cheddar cheese. As the trap snaps down on Click, the cops will say, “We Got Him !!!”

        They have proof, but they are missing the one piece they need to go for the kill. It will be nice to see Clifford locked up in prison for the rest of his life, and without his wig.

        • Operation Yewtree, the police investigation setup after Saville, investigated CLIFF Richard. They passed it on to another police force who spent two years investigating him. They interviewed casts and crews of films, concerts and the Billy Graham rallies. In two years they found NOTHING.

          Why should they be watching him now? There is nothing to watch. He is innocent. Try all you like, you can’t find anything when there isn’t anything. The biggest problem that people like you have is accepting that he has done NOTHING.

        • So if you make a mistake and sleep with an u* age girl just the once that’s ok is it.
          No it’s not. Bill Wyman is a pe* if he sleeps with u* age girls.

  9. Like McJackson supporters, the Click fan claim that Mick Jagger and Bill Wyman got away with predep***** (misspelled purposely) and therefore, Click Richard should get no criticism. As for The Rolling Bones, Jagger was like David Bowie, but has since stopped having s** with every Tom, Dick and Sally. Aids scared Jagger, which kind of cured his behavior. Bill Wyman did marry his young Mandy, but they had since divorced. He quit The Rolling Bones years ago, so no one seems to care. You are pointing out to other mistakes to justify a known boy loving clown like Click Richard, who has accusers. Mick and Bill do not have anything on them except speculation.

    I laugh.

    Mandy wanted to marry the ex Rolling Bone. It wasn’t a brutal rap*** kind of relationship. Kind of a Jerry Lee Lewis thing with his 13 year old cousin. It was wrong, but something Bill isn’t repeating. His current wife is about as old as he is, clown.

  10. Maybe the victims were brutally drugged by Clifford, which is why that one victim was not positive about the year and location of the exact spot Clifford brutally raped him. Of course, sexually twisted guys like Click have the money to keep their nasty deeds hidden, and if they do get an accuser or two, they are called liars by creeps like you that want to make predephila legal in every country in the world.

    Why else would you manipulate votes for a basically unknown British singer?

    By the way, I must misspell certain words because this site censors the truth. So, in order to get my post through, I must do those things sometimes.

    Hey clicker, do you have more tricks in your hat?

    Ahhhhhh….your cheating is too obvious, stupid.

    • CLIFF Richard has better things to do than to drug his victims. Your suggestions about why the “victim” got it so wrong are laughable. Said victim was coached by a so-called investigative journalist. He was helped with his statement. And, the “victim” who lied about the year, place etc., was found to be unreliable by the police. Out of 9 accusers they could find NOTHING to charge him with.

      It is clear that if Elvis doesn’t win this joke of a vote, then his so-called fans will throw their toys out the cot. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

      In short, jealousy gets you nowhere. Certain people on this site need to grow up and get a life.

  11. You were already arguing with each other when Cliff Richard fans joined this site.
    Who ever gets the King of the month get filth and lies written about them.
    We wanted to get Cliff “King of music” for his 60th Anniversary show business. A few may cheat but most just vote once.
    Cliff is not a pedeophile. Yes he was accused but there was no evidence to support it.
    The accusers all lied.
    Cliff sued both the police and BBC and won.

    • Again, multiplying robots racking up votes for Click Richard is NOT a real legit win for the old predator. Of course, you defend your hero but his past is still under suspicion. He also has a few accusers that did not lie because Jimmy Savile’s victims were believed. Clifford sued the BBC because he knows that he removed as much evidence as he could of his past. Like I said before, the British police have bigger fish to fly for the time being. In America, every person in the states are talking about R Kelly’s nasty deeds and Michael McJackson’s lust for boyz. Clifford obviously did not stop until all eyes were on Savile. They are still watching his movements as the clown might slip up. Old habits die hard.

      • Who do you think are watching Cliff you stupid idiot.
        Of course I don’t like pedeophiles. They
        all deserve to be locked up.
        Cliff however isn’t a pedeophile.
        Cliff is not and never has been a friend of Savile.
        You obvisiouly heard of the accusations. and the filming of Cliffs apartment.
        As I have said previously the man lied and was found out in his lies.
        The case was dropped.
        It didn’t happen.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Having legit accusers says otherwise, clown. How many celebrities get accused of male to male whoopee?

          The accusers claim they were under aged when Clifford stripped their young bodies and had his way with them. Pics show that Click was very, very close to Jimmy Savile, plus Click’s apartment was raided. The British police did not find anything because Click was told they were coming. Click wisely disposed of all damaging evidence linking him to Jimmy Savile’s secret sex club. The case had to be dropped. However, the investigators still have their suspicions. If Savile was a predephile (misspelled purposely) then Click is.

          • And you know this? How? These allegations get more laughable with each one written.

            You can make an accusation, but not once have you backed it up with irrefutable proof. If you want to falsely accuse, at least make your accusations more believable. What you are writing in comments on this site is comparable to a bottomless bucket.

            • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
              None of what I’ve said has been untrue, clown. Click has multiple male victims making damaging accusations. Because of what is going on with Michael Jackson, your laughable old hero has been put on the back burner for now. Since his new album nosedived off the British charts, all is quiet with the old predator of pop.

  12. I am not a fan of Elvis, but of Prince. Since Elvis was one if Prince’s biggest influences, I find Elvis very interesting. Prince wanted to make a Hollywood musical of the eighties called “Purple Rain” which he played an up and coming rocker like Elvis played in “Jailhouse Rock” and other films decades before. Prince turned his performance in the film into an Oscar winning box office smash. The soundtrack shot up to number one and won the purple one a string of Grammy awards. No one is jealous of creepy Click Richard, who is only known in Great Britain or down under. Of course, his past actions with a legit accuser and his association with Jimmy Savile is how most know of him today. His music rarely even charts in the United States. It is obvious he can only win by a cheating robot multiplying illegal votes, which is why many true fans of the winning artists left this site. Click Richards is like Gary Glitter, known only in a few countries, plus are predephiles. Yes, this site is a joke. Your little clicks for Click, does not feel legit.

    • I said it before and I will keep saying it. Cliff Richard gets so many votes on here because he Is KNOWN WORLDWIDE.
      Not just UK ond Australia.
      I have FB friends who are Cliff fans and they are from Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Holland as well as Australia, NewZealand and America. He is also known in Spain, India and was the first pop star to sing in Russia.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Click is still not a big artist worldwide, as none of his songs or albums sold with any massive demand to truly make Clifford a well known artist. As the first pop star of note to play in Russia, I believe it was Elton John, followed by Paul McCartney and Billy Joel. You must think people were born yesterday.

        Didn’t Queen play in Russia and Sting follow shortly thereafter?

        People rally around artists who have a worldwide audience, not little groups of elderly folks that fill bowling alleys for Click Richard. It’s about stadiums with a few hundred thousand people at each event. Sorry, Click is not in that category.

        When most people hear mention of Click, they think you are talking about Little Richard.

        • CLIFF Richard has sung in stadiums. The false allegations re the Billy Graham rally were a stadium. He has sung at Wembley stadium here in the Uk, to name but one.

          It is simple, if you can’t get your facts totally straight then don’t make laughable accusations or assumptions.

        • Cliff has playedStadiums.
          You obviously don’t know Cliff else you would know this.
          It’s well documented that Cliff Richard sang in Russia in1976. Three years before Elton.

  13. For the sake of argument, sexual relations multiple decades before is extremely hard to prove. How many people can provide evidence from an event or events in which only the rapist and the victim know about, especially if a tape or photograph is later destroyed?

    Click is like a Catholic priest, who molested boys that were too frightened or embarrassed to tell., at least right away. However, it takes only one accusation to figure out the roaming predephile’s main method pf operation. You just rather believe the accused rather than the victims.

    Savile was caught and so was Click, which gave direct details that his body was brutally violated by the British pop weirdo.

    • If your comments made any sense they would be good. Clutching at straws, does nothing. You are just one of those that will not accept that Cliff has done no wrong.

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