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  1. When would Click have time to molest boys?

    You’re joking, right?

    Click has a private life outside of his laughable image as the British pied piper. We can clearly see from ever old footage that Click Richard had a skip in his step, almost another sign that he was and continues to be a weirdo. Click’s total persona gives him away, especially when you see him with fellow British creep, Jimmy Savile. The two look like twins.

  2. You deny that Elvis liked 14 year old girls but you still believe Cliff is guilty. What proof do you have.
    Of course Elvis was’nt into 14 year olds he just met His future wife at that age.
    But you all still believe Cliff is quilty.
    Many say Cliff assaulted a boy at the Billy Graham rally in 1985. Cliff was with his security the whole time and the security men all told the police that it didn’t happen. It was all lies. The police threw out the case early on.
    But on here people still are saying it did happen . Mud quite obviously sticks even when your innocent.
    Cliff Richard was never a friend of Saville. He just worked with him as did many other people.
    It’s just all lies just like the lies about Elvis.

    • Elvis was into women as told by many Hollywood starlets like sixties beauty, Ann Margret, his co star in “Viva Las Vegas.” Many biographies on long dead celebrities try and offer something different and want to speculate that he was screwing his teen fan base in the fifties. He definitely wasn’t into his fans with showgirls, Las Vegas erotic dancers and Hollywood starlets available to him once he stopped touring to be a full time movie idol, making three musicals a year by the early sixties. Movie magazines in the sixties were the tabloids of today and linked every starlet to Elvis’s then current picture to generate extra box office. Unfortunately. the longer Elvis is dead, the only way to generate new interest is to write lies in books.

      As for Click Richard, he is still very much alive, but is not that big of an artist outside of the UK. No one cares what he does or did, so there would be no reason for his accuser or accusers to lie, especially since he was associated with Jimmy Savile, a well known pervert, whose crimes were only discovered after his death. British investigators simply linked Clifford to Jimmy Savile’s parties and questioned his well known accuser.

      Since Clifford never entered a long term relationship with any woman, and Clifford claims his religious faith forbids homosexuality, we have to wonder why he was so tight with Jimmy Savile, he was seen at his parties. It just does not add up that Clifford is being totally honest, especially one victim decided to talk.

      • You have no proof of guilt regarding Cliff Richard. You talk about “victims”, yet the main “victim” couldn’t get the year of the alleged crime or the location of said crime correct. Says a lot about the victims then. A second “victim” is a known blackmailer.

        So, you refer to these liars as “victims”? Hardly victims in my book. More like idiots trying to score money from an innocent person. You also say Cliff was seen at Savilles parties? You know this because? You were at the parties as well?

        If your comments were true they would be good. You are just another one of the bandwagon passengers trying to score points at the expense of an innocent man. If the police could find nothing after interviewing casts and crews from Cliff’s films and concerts, does that not proof that there is nothing there? As for the Christian rally he attended, there were always minders with anyone involved in the rally. When would he have time to molest a boy with people right there all the time?

        Try all you like, you will not prove that Cliff is guilty.

        • How come all predephile sympathizers want victims to shut their little mouths, or if they hold the secret to adulthood, can never ever tell?

          Hey stupid, Click Richard is like an old Catholic priest accused of making brutal whoopee with alter boys in secret rooms in the church basement. Click in 80 years old and is still afraid of women, never ever having sex with one. Oops…it’s a classic sign of a lifelong boy lover. Besides, why would a victim come out and claim he was raped by Click if it was too long ago to sue for money? What gain does Click’s known victims have to lie?

          Click was accused, so it raises suspicion to his activities.

          • CLIFF is nothing like a Catholic priest. You are wrong. He has had sex with women. You are wrong.
            He is 78 not 80. Again, you are wrong.
            It’s a classic sign of NOTHING. You are wrong.

            You try and claim that he has molested boys. So, the “victim” got the wrong year, the wrong location. Another “victim” is a known blackmailer. Can you really tell me that these “victims” are, in fact “victims”?

            Actually it’s CLIFF not click. So you are wrong there too.

            You have irrefutable proof of his guilt? I don’t think so.

            You, like all these other fantasists are making it all up. You accuse Cliff, then what about Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones drummer to name but two? Can you tell me they are innocent? I don’t think so. Yet you attempt to dig dirt on an innocent (proven in court) person.

            CLIFF Richard was accused, NOT CHARGED, NOT ARRESTED, NOT CONVICTED, has successfully sued a police force and the BBC. Signs of a guilty man? NOT.

            Get your facts totally correct before spreading false information.

            But, I suppose as the name to which you refer DOES NOT exist. You think you are right. If your comments were true they could be good. They are false and a complete joke. Check your spelling too. There are so many spelling mistakes in your comment above.

            Finally, he who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. You need to take note. You don’t strike me as a nice person, spreading false accusations around.

  3. Nope, nasty comments is what a predator like boy loving Click Richard deserves, especially when getting away with his crimes against various boyz for at least 60 years.

    Click Richard has been accused of being a predephile that lusts after under aged boys, which is a true statement because 1. his accuser 2. his proven background connection to Jimmy Savile. Elvis never set foot in the UK as far as anyone knows, but was in the US Army, stationed in Germany. Had the pelvis been rocking his hips to little girls, the US military would’ve arrested and court martial-ed him for crimes. His duty is a matter of public record within the American government. In reality, Elvis could legally date Priscilla with her parents okay back in 1960. Priscilla claims she was a virgin on her wedding night, May 1, 1967. which makes her 22 years old at the time. Besides that, Elvis could have legally had sexual relations with her in 1962. No predephia can be applied, except for lies from EP haters. Oops, lies on Elvis and Emperor Prince can get told constantly, but never seems to stick when researched properly. Click Richards is guilty as sin, but right now, the media has bigger fish to fry with Michael McJackson and R Kelly.

  4. Hey JAC, do you “Gett Off” from the lies you spew for p***** Click Richard?

    Ask any person in the US if they know of one Click Richard song and you would get a blank stare. The British weirdo is not famous worldwide.

    His 60 years in show business is laughable when you have Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Kinks still touring the world, packing arenas. Clifford could not sell out a barber shop. His wig is hilarious. Robots are racking votes up for p*** Click Richard and you are in on it, clown.

    People weren’t born yesterday.

  5. Just what I was saying. Still talking filth about singers
    Cliff Richard is NOT a pedeophile. Where is your proof all those that make vile comments. You haven’t any because you’ve just read the lies. Anyone can accuse but it doesn’t mean it’s true.
    I don’t know about Elvis. Just saying I’ve heard of a book that said he beat women and liked 14 year olds.
    Just because someone chooses to say these things doesn’t mean it’s the truth does it Presley and Jackson fans.
    When there is definite proof that’s the time to act. Not on hearsay by others .

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Talking filth about singers, but claims that the accusations against Click Richards were lies, therefore the British pop weirdo is not a p****. Since Clifford was a well know member of Jimmy Savile’s s** club parties through out the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, your lies have been expertly
      debunked. Elvis never set foot in England, so he was never invited into Jimmy Savile’s twisted world of p***. Clifford was, plus was never ever in a long relationship with a woman. Hmmmmmmmmmm…..people can write books on the dead and say whatever they want, the dead celebrities estate can not sue for defamation. Anyway, how come Elvis has been dead over 42 years and has no legit accusations where victims sued his estate for millions?

      Not one legit case, just speculation from a trash book?

      You lose, clown. Prince was accused of beating women too. However, we must be given or shown direct proof by legit accusers, not the word of an angry one hit wonder who torn a pic of the pope on live television and destroyed her own career overnight. Hey JAC, do you “Gett Off?”

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Click Richard belonged to Jimmy Savile’s inner circle and was definitely at all his after show parties in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s until more recent times. No hearsay clown. There was a direct reason why Click’s apartment in England was raided by the British police. Click knew Savile’s secrets were officially out and knew that it was just a matter of time before they would track him to the sex ring. Click probably took all the evidence of his nasty deeds and put them in a bonfire Oops…an accuser claims he was brutally abused by Clifford in 1985, when the male victim was only 16 years old. It sounds familiar to the Michael McJackson cases. Since he was never known to be with any women in his long lifetime, it is obvious that Click Richard is a boy lover.

      • Where do you get the idea that Saville and Cliff were friends. That is not true. You are telling LIES.
        Nor did Cliff abuse a boy at the Billy Graham Rally in 1985. Cliff proved that to be untrue .

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          You do not pose with someone, with smiles on your face, arm to arm if you are total strangers. Click was friendly with Jimmy Savile, but since Savile was caught being a perv, Click wisely tries to distance himself now. At the time, Savile’s men’s club was popular in Britain and Click was definitely an exclusive member. It is kind of a perfect example of his past coming back to haunt him. With Jimmy Savile dead, and his past a reality, Click wisely got rid of much evidence as possible to protect his public image. You do not know for sure what Clifford did or didn’t do in 1985, but it sure sounds quite fishy. Clifford could not prove his innocence as it happened too long ago for him to be officially charged with a sex crime.

  6. Hi, it is already 20 February and you still have not posted the Song of January which is In The Country by Cliff Richard.
    Please update the page.

    • The admins have abandoned this site. Nobody in the real world has ever heard of Click Richard’s “In The Country” but the robot just multiplies the votes. There is no need to update anything. Everybody knows that these sites are a joke.

      • I would really like to know how Cliff Richard has sold over 250 million recordings worldwide if no one knows him.
        Fools…..Cliff is celebrating 60 years in show business.
        His fans are all voting for “In the Country”. Why they Chose that song I don’t know. Just a pantomime song but it’s Cliff so we vote

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Ask any person who Click Richard is, and you definitely get a blank stare. 60 years in show business and still completely unknown in the US. At best, your old British clown is often deemed a one hit wonder with his mod 70’s disco hit, “Devil Woman.” Who is Wang Chung > Click Richard?

          If you have been singing for over 60 years and not many know you outside of Great Britain, you have a problem. Ask anyone that they can sing “In The Country” by Click Richard, and no one would even know how the song goes.

          • Actually, you are right on one thing, no one knows “CLICK” Richard, simply because “CLICK” Richard does NOT exist.

            People around the world DO know about CLIFF Richard. He is well known in many European countries, in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and in many parts of the USA. And this is to name just a few countries.

            While I enjoy and have Elvis’ music, he hasn’t brought out any new music in over 40 years. All his music is remakes of his old music. And, of course he can’t bring out new music, but Cliff fans don’t go out of their way to continually bring up lies and fabrications about Elvis. So why do you a) fall for the lies being spread about Cliff, and b) keep spreading all the lies and fabrications all over sites such as this one?

            The comments on this site are being made by jealous, sore losers. You can’t face the fact that Cliff Richard is winning month after month. Get a life and stop your desperate spreading of lies and fabrications. The only people with egg on their faces are those who believe the lies. This site is a joke.

  7. Just heard about a book written about Elvis. It said Elvis beat women and liked 14 year old girls.

    Well we all know Elvis met Priscella when she was 14 and he was 24. What does that tell us????
    You talk filth about other singers without knowing if there is any truth in it.
    Maybe it’s time for us to join in.

    • What are you talking about? Elvis never beat women or liked 14 year old girls. He simply met his future bride when she was 14, while stationed in the armed forces in Germany, which is different than marrying her at that age. There are so many lies being spread about famous dead entertainers these days like the liars that say Michael Jackson molested them. They are on record of suing the Jackson estate for 1.6 billion. A judge threw it out of court, due to no evidence. MJ was like an innocent child himself and comforted sick children back to health. He said he’d cut his own wrists before hurting a child. Grave robbers and slanderers want money from dead celebrities because they can no longer defend themselves. 50 year old Frank Sinatra married an under aged actress, Mia Farrow and no one ever criticizes him because he was a white singer. No man or woman is perfect, but talking ill about the dead is a no no. People like you should be ashamed. Poor Michael was driven to his death by the evil tabloid media and those who told lies in books. There is no reason to lie about any dead celebrity, except for the reason that it generates millions for the tabloids. I’ve read that Marilyn Monroe was sail to have had a lesbian affair. If it sells stories, they will print it because the dead can’t sue!

        • How dare you slander Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. You clowns are being sued by the mighty Jackson empire. You foolish pelvis fossils make me hurl with discust. The world rally against tabloid junkie pelvis pretenders!!!!

      • You don’t have to be dead for lies to be spread.
        Cliff Richard was accused when there was no truth in it. He of course sued and won his case.
        Trouble is many people still believe
        he did it. Mud sticks as they say.

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          No one would bother to write a good or bad book on Click Richard for the simple reason as the book would not sell. Publishers want profits, which is why books are written about famous celebrities like Elvis, Michael McJackson, The Beatles or Marilyn Monroe. Since any celebrity that is dead is a free for all of made up fabrication and fantasy, lies can be written because their estates can not legally sue, especially in the case of people dead for 4 or 5 decades.

          Click Richards being a boy lover in the UK is basically a British story. Most all the population in the US would not care because the scandals are Michael McJackson and R Kelly. You got to be famous enough to sell in the US.

          • Wrong! There have been a number of books written about CLIFF Richard. People like you can’t face the fact that he is innocent. Get over it. Get a life and stop fuelling the rumour mill with the crap that is posted on sites such as this one.

            Are you a member of the celebrity inner circle that you think you know so much? I doubt it.

            So far the lies about Cliff Richard have been proven to be just that – lies. You will just have to get over it and accept that no amount of lying will gain you any respect.

    • Who is “us” that join in the filth that is supposedly said about other singers?

      Big scandals involving both Michael Jackson and R Kelly because of two high profile released documentaries about their private sex lives. That is certainly not the fault of the fans of Elvis, The Beatles, Donna Summer, Freddie Mercury or any other artist that is popular enough to get voted for. Cheating has been a main problem in theses polls, plus negative reactions out of jealousy and hate. There are plenty of people from all sides that are guilty of this obnoxious behavior towards other opinions. Many voters have left because of the hateful messages, slandering and defaming the dead. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Good day!

      • .nasty comments are written on here about Cliff Richard.
        When I mention a book about Elvis beatinng women and having a liking for 14 year old. I got the backlash.
        I’m just stating that I feel just the same when people say things about Cliff Richard that are not true.
        Of course I don’t believe that Elvis best women or went after 14 year old girls.
        I am just making the point that accusations can be made that arn’t true.
        Cliff Richard is NOT a predophile.
        Now stop with the nasty comments

        • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          Hypocrite posts nasty comments, but tells everyone to stop calling Click Richards what he is. He is officially an accused predephile because a victim has come forward and Click’s past cannot be buried.

          Of course, a big British pop star would have had his pick of thousands of available women, but Click was and still is, afraid of man to woman sex. Click is almost 80 and will gladly tell his fans that he has never been with a woman, but isn’t gay. Hmmmmmmmmmm….who does that sound like?

    • And Michael Jackson married a known ped o’s daughter, therefore linking himself to pelvis. We all know that Wacko was the biggest perv in the recording industry. His victims number in the thousands. Sorry, I will never join you freaks of nature.

  8. Pelvis beat prizzilla with the belt buckle from his cow sized jumpsuit. Bow to the real KING, fossil face!

  9. Elvis Presley song Suspicious Mind was last month 58% Sir Cliff Richard was 9%song in the country this month Elvis Song is 57%means 1% less vote but Sir Cliff Richard increase from 9% to 10% so Cliff Richard should be winner. Song in the country..

    • Click was driving “In the country” looking for farmer boys to roll in the hay with his slimy old body.

          • It’s “YOU ARE” or “You’re” clown.

            You have no proof that Click is innocent. Sex crimes going back 60 years is very difficult to prove, unless the predephile is still active. At almost 80, the British pop weirdo is going to be under his best behavior, when he know he is being watched.

            That wig Click wears is hilarious, clown.

            • And you have no proof that CLIFF is guilty.

              You have clearly been watching all the made up c**p on You Tube etc. If you can’t see that all this unbelievable rubbish is so far fetched it’s laughable then you are as bad as the fantasist, greedy false accusers. Those that accused Cliff Richard are scum. They deserve to be prosecuted, but because of the joke of a justice system in this country they won’t be.

              Consider all the actual victims of actual sex offenders while spreading all this c**p about and innocent man. These “victims” have made it harder for others to come forward and report crime. Victims will be believed less after the joke that was Operation Yewtree and the Cliff Richard investigation.

              It is obvious that, where you are concerned, the truth hurts. Get over it. CLIFF RICHARD IS INNOCENT. Like it or lump it. Go back to your fantasy world.

  10. ELVIS Christmas songs are the best of all the Christmas songs togheter !!!!
    ELVIS the KING of Christmas songs !!!

        • Drop dead, you old fossil. KINGLY Michael Jackson has the crown from Piggy pelvis !!!!

          You old devils owe KING Michael the greatest respect. STFU, freak. Bow your aging white head. The world loves Sweet Michael. Get over your jealousy, fool. Everyone in the world knows that your fat idol beat priszilla to bloody pulps. Reed her book, you lying pelvis dog.

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