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  1. Just heard about a book written about Elvis. It said Elvis beat women and liked 14 year old girls.

    Well we all know Elvis met Priscella when she was 14 and he was 24. What does that tell us????
    You talk filth about other singers without knowing if there is any truth in it.
    Maybe it’s time for us to join in.

    • What are you talking about? Elvis never beat women or liked 14 year old girls. He simply met his future bride when she was 14, while stationed in the armed forces in Germany, which is different than marrying her at that age. There are so many lies being spread about famous dead entertainers these days like the liars that say Michael Jackson molested them. They are on record of suing the Jackson estate for 1.6 billion. A judge threw it out of court, due to no evidence. MJ was like an innocent child himself and comforted sick children back to health. He said he’d cut his own wrists before hurting a child. Grave robbers and slanderers want money from dead celebrities because they can no longer defend themselves. 50 year old Frank Sinatra married an under aged actress, Mia Farrow and no one ever criticizes him because he was a white singer. No man or woman is perfect, but talking ill about the dead is a no no. People like you should be ashamed. Poor Michael was driven to his death by the evil tabloid media and those who told lies in books. There is no reason to lie about any dead celebrity, except for the reason that it generates millions for the tabloids. I’ve read that Marilyn Monroe was sail to have had a lesbian affair. If it sells stories, they will print it because the dead can’t sue!

    • Who is “us” that join in the filth that is supposedly said about other singers?

      Big scandals involving both Michael Jackson and R Kelly because of two high profile released documentaries about their private sex lives. That is certainly not the fault of the fans of Elvis, The Beatles, Donna Summer, Freddie Mercury or any other artist that is popular enough to get voted for. Cheating has been a main problem in theses polls, plus negative reactions out of jealousy and hate. There are plenty of people from all sides that are guilty of this obnoxious behavior towards other opinions. Many voters have left because of the hateful messages, slandering and defaming the dead. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Good day!

    • And Michael Jackson married a known ped o’s daughter, therefore linking himself to pelvis. We all know that Wacko was the biggest perv in the recording industry. His victims number in the thousands. Sorry, I will never join you freaks of nature.

  2. Pelvis beat prizzilla with the belt buckle from his cow sized jumpsuit. Bow to the real KING, fossil face!

  3. Elvis Presley song Suspicious Mind was last month 58% Sir Cliff Richard was 9%song in the country this month Elvis Song is 57%means 1% less vote but Sir Cliff Richard increase from 9% to 10% so Cliff Richard should be winner. Song in the country..

  4. ELVIS Christmas songs are the best of all the Christmas songs togheter !!!!
    ELVIS the KING of Christmas songs !!!

        • Drop dead, you old fossil. KINGLY Michael Jackson has the crown from Piggy pelvis !!!!

          You old devils owe KING Michael the greatest respect. STFU, freak. Bow your aging white head. The world loves Sweet Michael. Get over your jealousy, fool. Everyone in the world knows that your fat idol beat priszilla to bloody pulps. Reed her book, you lying pelvis dog.

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