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  1. Wow,, Suspicious Minds is really raking in the votes. I see In the Country has 49 votes. Go Clifford Go.

  2. Why isn’t Blondie isn’t listed in the bands? Or the hall of fame?? How bout adding Debbie Harry to the queen of music???

  3. Not a good list of cliff songs to choose from. Why was “In the Country” picked.
    Cliff has some far better songs then that.

  4. Michael Jackson was officially removed from the record books awhile ago, but some of his fanatical supporters love spewing dated, old news. Jackson was beaten and surpassed by dozens of modern day pop acts in recent years. The pathetically desperate Michael Jackson clowns just want to ignore the reality of his crippling downfall, on and off the charts.

  5. It’s been almost a decade since they have played Michael Jackson on the radio in the US. Sony and Jews had Jackson murdered in 2009.

  6. If you want to get technical cliff retard fans elvis has his own radio station but ive never heared a cliff song on the radio lmao only time i heared a cliff song was on a rerun of american idol idiots elvis wins

  7. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking. A great lost for the entire humanity in science – physics, as was the great and brilliant Michael Jackson for music, film, visual art, entertainment, Love, humanitarians..! Love, eternal gratitude to them!

    • This clown actually compares Michael Jackson to Stephen Hawking. Wack0 was a disgusting s* predator, fool.

    • She work hard for the money, Lasr dance, Mc Arthur Park, I feel love, Love to love to baby, Hott stuff, Bad girls, No more Tears, I will go with you, State of independence, Love is in control, The Wanderer, On the radio….etc

  8. Wow, its only March,, and it looks like the song of the ages has already been established for the year. Flat out,, Elvis is the man.

  9. LOL.

    Cliff Richard has a popular song that is played on the radio?


    You idiots are so transparent.

  10. Wheres me Hank and Una song ? Hahaha or that other great mistletoe and shine lol 😂😂😂😂

  11. Can you give us another list of Harry songs to choose from? This list doesnt really offer much.

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